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Virtual CISO



  Organizations are barraged with overlapping regulatory compliance requirements and security vulnerabilities. For many small-to-midsize businesses a full-time Chief Information Security Officer(CISO) is not cost effective. ComSec compliments your staff with security expertise- delivering core CISO job functions. Organizations gain a security expert yet mitigate the cost of a full-time employee.


  Risk management, IT governance, policies, procedures, and training are critical components to an effective information security program. Organizations gain tremendous benefit from sourcing risk management, executive-level, information security, subject matter experts. Leveraging best practices organizations are able to reduce the cost, time, and complexity associated with IT security. ComSec partners with executive management to determine needs, and to define the organization's risk tolerance. Our relationships drive prudent budget allocation and measurable results.


  Information security has matured into a risk-based activity. Determining what is acceptable risk while mitigating vulnerabilities within an environment is crucial. Stakeholders must allocate appropriate funds to meet regulatory concerns while keeping costs at a minimum. ComSec assesses the existing environment to determine the current compliance, vulnerabilities, policies, procedures, training, and governance present. The current risks are identified and documented. Strategies for remediation, governance, and measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are defined and charted. The organization gains clear visibility into the information security posture and is enabled to track success. 

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