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Penetration Testing


  Complex Technologies Information Security – penetration testing services quantify network weaknesses by performing safe, controlled exercises that demonstrate covert and hostile activity, typical of attacks. Our offering helps companies in financial services, retail, healthcare, energy and utilities, and manufacturing sectors with high-volume commercial operations and confidential data, as well as organizations subject to regulatory control. Penetration testing services from


  ComplexTech validate existing security controls and quantify real-world risks, providing your clients with a detailed security road map that prioritizes the weaknesses in the network environment and offers specific recommendations for reducing exposure. The service helps cost-effectively reduce risk, protect business-critical information, and simplify the complexity of securing the network environment and meet regulatory compliance mandates.  


 What we will Answer:

  • What's working? - Our penetration testing validates the effectiveness of existing safeguards.

  • What's not working? - We identify vulnerabilities and risks through manual penetration and automated scanning.

  • What's at stake? - Our penetration testing specialists quantify risk based on the relative value and confidentiality of vulnerable information.

  • What's the worst-case scenario? - We simulate attacks on the network and measure the potential impact to your operations.

  • What's to be done? - Our penetration testing services are not over until we detail the specific steps necessary for complete remediation.


  What we will provide:

  • What was done

  • What the weaknesses are

  • What the impact would be on your organization if it was a real attack

  • Prioritize the issues and provide a road-map for remediation


  Questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you have to comply with any government or industry regulations like the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS)?

  • Do you currently conduct any security assessments such as penetration tests?

  • How are you able to patch every system in your network every time there is a new security vulnerability?

  • What types of Internet facing applications (web applications, customer relationship management systems, databases and billing systems) do you have and how secure are they?


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